How can I improve my website?
IMHO my website is quite okay, but maybe it could be improved. Therefore I am asking you as a visitor of this website what wishes you have or what tips you can give.

How about the requests, how about the way of downloading, do you need more info...., etc.?

I know there isn't any solo work present on this site. I don't collect it so please don't ask for it. And I don't have the intention to completely rebuild my website either     ;-)

Just send an email with your wishes or tips. Maybe they will be granted, maybe they won't.

Download your favorite Yes bootlegs for free
Every 1st, 11th and 21st of the month I want to share some bootlegs with you.

These bootlegs can be downloaded as a RAR file via the email service  

Click on the disc on the left to go to the DOWNLOADS page and download your favorite Yes bootleg.

If you have a request for a special bootleg just send an email and 'your bootleg' will be uploaded a.s.a.p.

NOTE: please DO NOT ASK for shows marked with  *  because they already have been requested earlier.

About this website                                          Launched: 2010 - 08 - 07   -   Collection update: 2014 - 09 - 01
- This website is fully dedicated to my favorite progressive rock band: YES
- It contains only unofficially released material, mostly recordings of live shows they did in more than 45 years
- The links above will lead you through my collection of Yes bootlegs which will be updated every month
- The rating of every show is just my personal opinion!
- All tracks are listed (incl. length, played with WinAmp) so you can compare your shows with mine
- All available covers can be downloaded. If you have new covers for me, please send them to me
- Every 1st, 11th and 21st of the month a number of bootlegs can be downloaded from the 'Downloads' page
- This website has been tested only for Internet Explorer 7, 8 and Google Chrome
- If you find any information on this site that is not correct, please tell me

About me                                                                                                                                                       
- Name: Remy Menting - Born in 1958 - Country: The Netherlands - Profession: architectural drawer
- I am a Yes fan since I heard 'Roundabout' on the radio when it was released in 1972
- Tales From Topographic Oceans is my favourite album, ABWH my second
- I never visited a concert of Yes until 1998 when they came to Utrecht
- At Utrecht 2000 I met a guy who arranged some bootlegs for me. That's where my collection made a start
- At the moment I have over 2600 bootlegs, about 1950 are on this website, I still have to check more than 650
- In Heerhugowaard 2009 I had a Meet & Greet and spoke with some band members
- My last concert was recently in 'Poppodium 013' in Tilburg, Holland on 22 May 2014.
- I hope to see them at least once again . . . . . . . with Jon (Anderson) & Rick

Wanna trade bootlegs?
Often I receive very expanded bootleg lists with a request to do a trade. Please don't send your entire bootleg lists anymore because I don't have the time to check them all. I want you to compare your list with mine first before making a proposal which bootlegs we can trade. Note: I don't collect music from other bands.
1. Trade by sending bootlegs using the email service
    The easiest and fastest way to trade a few shows. It's for free, no registration required!
2. Trade by sending a Hard Disc Drive
    Only when trading a large number of shows. One of us sends a HDD with new material, the other sends it back     a.s.a.p. with new material.

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